House, Bavaria

zip_2.0 systems

Project description

Living comfortably with no barriers and complete accessibility is a dream made possible by the builder couple in Reichertshofen, a small rural village in Bayern – Germany. The open house was built in 2019 for a barrier-free and an age-appropriate living with a lot of natural light. The modern house is visually impressive with floor-to-ceiling windows and a subtle color scheme. Great attention was paid to an energy-efficient construction. The functionality of the property was also not neglected in the planning. Proof of it is the fully automatic shading control. The zip_2.0 window awning not only impresses with its cubic design, it also fits perfectly into the facade design of the house. The sun protection from MHZ supports the energy concept requested by the building owner. The zip_2.0 ensures optimal light, a pleasant room climate and it helps to reduce energy costs.


Project scope

22 zip_2.0 window awning, 110 cassette with with two-part guide rail

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