Kameha Grand Hotel, Bonn

k_oax systems

Project description

Counter-pull systems for glare protection, sun protection and acoustics

The Kameha Dome forms the centrepiece of the Kameha Grand Hotel in Bonn, built in 2008. The glazed hall, which reaches up to 21 metres in height, acts as a foyer, function room and concert hall in one. Covering 1,330 square metres, it provides a highly modern space for exhibitions and conferences.

The MHZ k_oax coaxial counter-pull systems, with a total surface area of around 1,500 m2, not only provide shade for the hall, but also contribute significantly to improving the acoustics. The technically ultra-modern systems and aesthetic blinds merge perfectly into the spectacular architecture of the hotel building. They also complement the modern lifestyle that the innovative Kameha Grand draws together out of the combination of the lively atmosphere of a business hotel and the privacy and exclusivity of one that is truly grand.


Project scope

  • 86 k_oax-systems
  • Volume: c. 1,500 m² (total area)



Architekturbüro Karl-Heinz Schommer · Bonn



Bonn Visio-Gruppe

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