Neurocampus, Bordeaux

s_enro systems

Project description

Bordeaux is a city in France that is influenced by the Atlantic climate, with lots of sun and wind. For functional reasons conventional sun protection was therefore out of the question for the neuroscience campus. The sun protection was also required to be in harmony with the transparent perforated metal skin that forms the building's external façade.

This was successfully achieved using the s_enro metal blind, which when down blends in as one with the façade. Im ausgefahrenen Zustand bildet der Mikrolamellen-Behang eine Einheit mit der Außenfassade, gleichzeitig hält er hoher Wind- und Sonnenbelastung stand. Der maximale Grad an Transparenz und Durchsicht ermöglicht einen hervorragenden Ausblick.


Project scope

  • 395 s_enro-systems
  • 730 m² total area



vib architecture



Conseil Regional d´Aquitaine

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