MHZ adds to awning range: Window awning zip_2.0

MHZ is heralding with the zip_2.0 a new generation of laterally guided window awnings. The patented glider system and adjustable guide tracks ensure that the awning winds out evenly with the fabric held at optimum tension. The narrow design visually matches modern cubic style.

The zip_2.0 window awning uses the zip system, whereby the fabric is laterally guided by the zip fastener principle. In contrast to conventional zip systems where the gliders are sewn onto the fabric, the MHZ window awning is fitted with a patented glider system developed in-house. The gliders are welded onto the seams and inserted into the associated side tracks. This results in quieter running and no crinkles forming in the fabric. The arrangement of the individual sliders at ever increasing distances is based on the principle of the Fibonacci sequence. As the awning fabric gets rolled up, they lie over one another in such a way that it fits without any crinkling inside the slim, space-saving cassette. It is possible to achieve an extension of up to 3 metres with the zip_2.0 window awning, with a cassette height of just 110 millimetres.

The adjustable guide tracks on both sides of the zip_2.0 system enable any building- or installation-related inaccuracies to be offset and any light gap between fabric and side section to be prevented. The guide tracks and adjustable fabric tension at the drop rail ensure consistent tension and great wind stability. There is a choice of two weighted rods, which make the window awning able to withstand winds of up to resistance category 6 (= 10 on the Beaufort scale - a strong gale).

The zip_2.0 also has an intelligent motor. It automatically recognises any potential obstructions, thus ensuring that the awning always winds in and out safely. An inspection cover and the ability to take the roller tube out from underneath enable it and the drive system to be serviced without removing the cassette, be it front-mounted or in a reveal. In addition, it is possible to position the Hirschmann coupling inside the cassette.

About MHZ

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