MHZ TwinLine New: Even more convenient, even more aesthetic

MHZ has unveiled a new generation of the freely movable TwinLine Venetian blind. The manufacturer has built here on the proven qualities of the already successful model and added to them with a new concept that enables the blind to be operated from the top or bottom. At the centre of this is the high-quality rotary handle, which together with the rail combines ease of use with a premium look. Following the facelift both elements now have a very purist appearance.


Intuitive operation via rotary handle on top and bottom rail.

The blind is operated completely via the rotary handle: the blind fabric can be moved into any position and secured there either from the top or bottom, while the rotary function enables the slats to be seamlessly adjusted. The handle has a concave shape and rests pleasantly in the hand. Ridges worked into it ensure a firm grip.

It is thus now possible to effortlessly operate blinds even on windows that are high up or difficult to reach, for example due to a kitchen worktop.

The TwinLine can be fixed to the wall, ceiling, the window sash or glazing bead. For installation with no drilling or screws the MHZ adhesive set is available. Alternatively, it can also be fixed using clamp brackets, which are clamped onto the window frame at the top and bottom.


Minimalist design for every area of use

For the new generation the linear, timeless design has been purposefully enhanced: as all cords run in one line, no additional punched holes are necessary. The minimalist overall aesthetic of the exclusive blind thus comes fully into its own.

TwinLine Venetian blinds offer a host of benefits: As flexible privacy, sun and anti-glare protection, they are freely movable and thus represent an alternative to pleated and honeycomb pleat blinds. The incoming light can be controlled to suit individual situations via the slats’ angle of tilt. “The possible uses of the MHZ TwinLine are almost limitless: including in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. It is 100 percent suited to everyday use and simply joins in with everything,” says the company from Leinfelden-Echterdingen.

The TwinLine New is available for widths from 31 to 180 centimetres and heights of up to 250 centimetres. The surface area should not exceed 2 square metres. On blinds 90 centimetres or more wide a second rotary handle ensures easy operation.


The existing TwinLine models continue to be fully available.

About MHZ

MHZ Hachtel GmbH & Co. KG has stood since 1930 for high quality, appealing design and tailor-made solutions for the individual customer. With 1,200 employees, it is one of the strongest businesses in the privacy screening and sunshade industry in Germany.