MHZ Venetian blinds: Metallic trend and tactile experience

This autumn MHZ is presenting its new Venetian blinds collection. With a focus on metallic surfaces, plus visual, tactile and functional structure highlights, MHZ is adding to the Venetian blinds' technical product character. The Swabian manufacturer is thus positioning itself in line with the market and the latest trends.


MHZ is for the first time presenting the blind slats in the four widths of 16, 25, 35 and 50 millimetres in four discrete colour charts. "By using this form of presentation we aim to give our customers a very informative overall impression of the slats' actual proportions, their feel and their effect", explains MHZ on the day that sales of the new collection begin.


Metallic trend in interior design

MHZ is attaching great importance in the new collection to the slats' surface structure: "Extensive analyses have shown that our customers put the appearance and texture of the surfaces ahead of a great variance of colours", explains MHZ.

This trend is gradually becoming apparent in society: cars with brilliant white or matt silver paintwork, mobile phones with a golden back cover and iridescent metal watches have long since been a feature of everyday life. By adapting this metallic trend to Venetian blinds, MHZ is bringing it into building interiors.

Various shades of white, matt silver and rosé gold are just some of the large selection of metallic colours. Silk matt or brushed surfaces, hammer finish looks, frosted, crushed or embossed structures, concrete, gloss or soft touch effects and highly contrasting graphical patterns supplement the range. With the trend-oriented selection of colours, MHZ is underlining the classically technical character of the Venetian blinds.

Heat-treated and spring-hardened, the aluminium slats are extremely resilient and durable, making them suitable for use in all domestic and public spaces. These slats from Europe also contribute to the sustainable use of resources: they consist of at least 98 percent recycled materials.


Colour coordination in every detail

Using the exclusive PURE slat, the Venetian blinds can be matched to the profile colours of the MHZ units. In anodised silver, powder-coated white, anodised black or powder-coated anthracite, it is available in four widths: 16, 25, 35 or 50 millimetres. The MHZ Venetian blind thus merges in with the interior fittings to form an harmonious overall picture.

The silk matt DIM slat provides lovers of colourful accents with lots of individual creative freedom. In addition to classic home living colours in all four widths, the 25-millimetre version is available in a total of 32 colours.


Functional slats for domestic and commercial premises

In addition to colour and textural accents, customers are placing ever greater importance on slats with specific functions. These are being used both in the home and in commercial properties. For example, theThermostop® slats, which are coated on their concave outer side, regulate the temperature in a room. They reduce heat emission at the window by up to 90 percent and improve thermal insulation by up to 20 percent. The slats thus increase thermal resistance in winter and reduce the interchange of heat with the interior in summer.

Venetian blinds are also a popular means of providing sunshade at the workplace, as they fulfil the guidelines for working at a computer screen: they provide protection from glare and ensure adequate contact with the outside world. This effect can be achieved even better using the perforated MESH slats. Available in four colours, the finely pierced slats facilitate an even better view through the blind to the outside. Even when the blind is closed, it remains possible to see through it.

About MHZ

MHZ Hachtel GmbH & Co. KG has stood since 1930 for high quality, appealing design and tailor-made solutions for the individual customer. With 1,200 employees, it is one of the strongest businesses in the privacy screening and sunshade industry in Germany.