Solix exterior roller blind – So easy to install

The right sun protection system ensures a comfortable indoor climate coupled with optimum light conditions, thus playing a major role in people’s quality of life and home life. Solix is a brand-new MHZ product: the lightweight external sun protection roller blind offers reliable protection from the heat and – in the version with insect screen – also from unwanted pests. It fits into almost all windows, can be very simply retrofitted and is therefore also ideal for use on existing properties, rental apartments and listed buildings.


Two models available

Solix is available with or without insect screen. The external roller blind absorbs the sun’s rays in front of the window pane, ensuring pleasant temperatures in living and working spaces, coupled with a pleasing light – ideal for screen work as well. The combined version of Solix consists of an external sun protection roller blind with integral insect screen. The made-to-measure MHZ combined solution sits absolutely tightly and taut, guaranteeing reliable screen from mosquitoes and other pests. Representing a straightforward external sun protection system, Solix can also be integrated into the product range offered by specialist retailers to enhance their range.


Simple installation without the need for structural work

Solix is simple to install without the need for scaffolding: with an angle profile frame on all sides, the lightweight external roller blind can be inserted quickly from inside into the window opening and secured in place using the specially developed locks, avoiding damage to the window or façade. Naturally the roller blind can be removed with ease at any time without leaving a trace. The roller blind is driven by an electric radio drive with an integral battery and room-side charging socket, meaning there is no need for cables or electrical work. The manufacturer also offers operation by solar panels as an option.


Extensive collection of fabrics and colours

Customers can select from 4 qualities of fabric for their roller blind, each with a different degree of light transmission. Views outside through the blind are maintained with all qualities of fabric, with the exception of blackout-quality fabric Soltis B92. It is now possible to create a coordinated overall appearance with the furniture, window frame and sun protection with the extensive range of fabric shades coupled with the 6 available technical shades. There are also 4 different qualities of black insect screen mesh available.


Energy efficient through external sun shading

Most new buildings now incorporate an external sun protection system, which prevents sunlight from penetrating through the glazing to ensure a pleasant indoor climate. The new Solix sun protection system now enables this to be retrofitted into existing properties too. The innovative sun protection solution ensures up to 70 percent less thermal ingress inside, offering greater energy efficiency. Solix is perfect for owners or tenants looking for a cost-effective and maintenance-free thermal protection system and fear extensive investment or building work. In terms of sustainable building, nature-friendly technologies and energy-saving measures, Solix complies with all German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and Energy-saving Ordinance (EnEV) standards.

About MHZ

MHZ Hachtel GmbH & Co. KG has stood since 1930 for high quality, appealing design and tailor-made solutions for the individual customer. With 1,200 employees, it is one of the strongest businesses in the privacy screening and sunshade industry in Germany.