The innovative PowerView® spart home system – Smart, easy light control

It is becoming increasingly important to optimise everyday life and concentrate on what really matters. MHZ has taken up this development and is launching its PowerView® smart home system at Heimtextil 2019. This device allows you to control your internal sun protection from home or when you are  out and about incredibly easily at the touch of a button. The smart communication unit consists of a bidirectional radio drive and the attractive Pebble® remote control unit. The whisper-quiet radio motor can be operated wirelessly by battery or power supply. Thanks to its slimline design, the battery itself can be fully integrated into the sun protection product.


Cross-product use

By controlling MHZ sun protection products driven by a wireless motor, PowerView® guarantees even greater quality of life in your own home or in the office. The automation system can be used across all products and is therefore suitable for use with vertical and horizontal Venetian blinds, roller blinds and pleated blinds.


Pebble® designer remote control

The clearly arranged 6-channel Pebble® remote control represents the heart of the PowerView® system. The transmitter is simply inserted into the remote control and controls the sun protection systems individually, in groups or throughout the entire space. The transmitter can optionally also be inserted into the wall bracket and operated from a fixed position. The aesthetically designed Pebble® remote control is reminiscent of the shape of a flat stone, hence its name, and comes in 10 fashionable colours.


Modular design – smart sun protection for novices, experts and professionals

Whether you are a novice or techie: thanks to its simple, modular design, PowerView® offers the right operating concept for everyone. The basic communication unit for entry-level automation consists of a bidirectional radio drive and the Pebble® remote control. Using additional components, the functions and interfaces of the automation solution can be extended at any time.

The PowerView® hub is the central control point of the system, and lets you save personal settings, set up individual room scenarios and control sun protection systems using the PowerView® smartphone app. One option is to enter the connected world directly by activating the Remote Connect function in the app and the hub.

The Pebble® scenario controller is the portable control unit used to start up the sun protection scenarios programmed in the PowerView® hub, which are then simply transferred from the app to the controller and accessed from there.


Programmable scenarios

As the central hub of the system, the PowerView® hub stores personal room scenarios tailored to a person's actual needs and daily routines, which can be enabled at the touch of a button or on the app. Your premises will be maintained at a pleasant temperature even when you are not there. Thanks to its connection to a weather app, the system helps to provide an optimum indoor climate and maximise your energy-saving potential. The programmable scenarios also make a property appear ‘lived in’, therefore helping to combat burglary.

About MHZ

MHZ Hachtel GmbH & Co. KG has stood since 1930 for high quality, appealing design and tailor-made solutions for the individual customer. With 1,200 employees, it is one of the strongest businesses in the privacy screening and sunshade industry in Germany.