MHZ curtain rods

Timeless design elements

They hold your curtains firm and skilfully show them off. In addition to how perfectly they work, the made-to-measure MHZ curtain rods impress through carefully selected materials and well thought-out details.

We have developed our trendsetting collection of rods in such a way that after fitting all brackets and screws are invisible. As a result the curtain rods are unique decorative pieces for wall and ceiling. Many of our curtain rods are exclusive products developed by MHZ.

Whether your interior design style is classically elegant, sensually ornamental or minimalist, we provide innovative shapes and a rich variety of end pieces to match. High-quality materials such as aluminium, V2A steel, brass and hand-forged iron or a novel material mix fulfil your personal wishes.


MHZ pressure rod

The idea for the MHZ pressure rod comes from bridge building. Like a bridge does from bank to bank, it stretches itself out from bracket to bracket. In this way it spans a distance of up to three metres – passing by any shutter boxes or wall protrusions. On the inside the aluminium profile builds up pressure and pre-tensions the running bar.

Curtain rod product benefits


  • Made to measure to your specification
  • Extensive product range
  • Wide variety of end pieces
  • High-quality machining of materials
  • Simple installation

Curtains and curtain rods suit vertical windows and doors. Vertically or horizontally curved, the rods can also be used for bay windows, semi-circular arches and gable windows.

Dependent on model, the curtain rod is fitted to the wall or ceiling.

Look through our range to find the curtain rod that fits well into your own room situation.

Carefully selected materials such as aluminium, V2A steel, brass or hand-forged iron, plus a variety of shapes, create new highlights. A large selection of matching end pieces rounds off the designer rods.

Combine your curtain rods with curtains from the MHZ collection. Featuring vibrant patterns, transparent or opaque materials and enchanting colours, they are sure to fulfil your own personal wishes. Specially treated fabrics are suitable for use in commercial premises.

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