Be unconventional!

Turn your dreams into reality and stick firmly to your own ideas. That means both edgy and angular. As a geometric graphic or playful dance of form and shape, the rejuvenating triangle pattern integrates itself into your home – gently in a classical colour combination or vibrantly in strong fashionable colours.

Variants & Colour examples

002 | Edgy
Variant 1

003 | Edgy
Variant 2

002 | Edgy
Colour example 1

002 | Edgy
Colour example 2

Scaling options

Scaling 1 (default)

Recommended pattern size:
90 cm for smaller applications from 1 m height

Scaling 2 (option)

Recommended pattern size:
150 cm for medium-sized applications

Scaling 3 (option)

Recommended pattern size:
200 cm for larger applications

For illustration and comparison of the scaling options there is in each instance an original-size section available to you that you can print out in A4 or A3 format.