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The new collection for MHZ roller blinds and panel blinds

Stylish, modern and inspirational: The MHZ collection for roller blinds and panel blinds encourages you to create rooms that are as cosy as they are unique. Discover exquisite mono fabrics with varying levels of transparency, eye-catching prints and patterns, recycled fabrics and even fabrics that have functional properties. Experience the stunning variety on offer!

Switching up those styles


Five wonderful themes give you the creative freedom to really hone your interior design style, whatever it may be, while at the same time enchanting you with their subtle sophistication and a unique textile look.

Our high-quality Exclusive fabrics, produced specially for MHZ, are a real treat for the eyes thanks to their subtly iridescent appearance, and are great for mixing and matching.

Our Green Stories fabrics are both innovative and timely as the perfect demonstration of how recycled fabrics can also be beautiful.

Special functional fabrics – from antibacterial to sound-absorbing, from glare protection to blackout – complete the range.

MHZ Exclusive

An array of shimmering fabrics in 34 colours

You only have to see the light shining softly through our MHZ Exclusive fabrics and you will understand what is so special about these subtly iridescent blinds. This range is made up of high-quality textiles produced exclusively for MHZ, which look absolutely stunning and come in an impressive selection of 34 colours. You can choose from three different transparency levels (transparent, semi-transparent, blackout) per shade.

All Exclusive fabrics are made from 100% PES Trevira CS whose fibres have been modified to ensure they are flame-retardant.

Green Stories

Recycling at its most beautiful

Our MHZ Green Stories are sustainably produced fabrics made from up to 100% recycled materials – and they are making their mark on the environment of tomorrow.

Fabrics made from plastic waste fished from the sea or washed up on beaches, reprocessed fabric remnants from the textile industry or discarded PET bottles processed into yarn: These are used to create fabrics with expression, character and an eventful history - unique in feel and lively in structure.

Glare protection on demand

Versatile management of light in the workplace

MHZ dimout functional fabrics can be relied upon to dim the daylight when required. They have a coating on the back that reflects both the sun’s rays and the heat, allowing people to work without being dazzled by the sun. When choosing your fabric, just bear in mind that the lower the transmittance of the fabric, the more effective its glare protection.

The smart and functional all-rounder

Glare protection inside – unobstructed view outside

Our intelligent screen fabrics strike the perfect balance between providing excellent glare protection and getting the most out of the available daylight – all while allowing people to see outside with no problem. You can look forward to being able to focus on your computer work in bright, pleasant surroundings. With no headaches or strained eyes.

The blackout experts

Sleep well day and nigh

MHZ blackout functional fabrics are almost opaque and offer – when used in conjunction with the appropriate roller blind hardware – excellent blackout properties. So nothing will stand in the way of you and a stress-free sleep. What’s more, they are energy-efficient, cool things down on hot days and protect you from prying eyes.

Simply great: R_04 & R_05

Special roller blinds for extraordinary rooms

Enjoy spectacular views and an incredible feeling of space: With our new MHZ R_04 and R_05 roller blinds, you now have even more freedom to realise your ideas. A single system can shade panoramic windows with a total area of up to 20 square metres and a maximum width of six metres. Both models speak the unmistakable MHZ design language, skilfully set the scene for modern architecture and are the perfect choice for contemporary room concepts in homes, lofts and office buildings.

Pleated blinds collection

More expressive than ever before


Textiles by MHZ

One collection – a wealth of design possibilities


DUETTE® Wabenplissee

Stunning patterns perfectly staged