DUETTE® Elements

by sieger design

Earth, Water, Air, Fire

Ever since ancient times, the natural phenomena of earth, water, air and fire have represented the foundations of all life. The four elements are the original sources of natural power, and have a great influence on human beings’ inner balance and health. As symbolic decors for the DUETTE® honeycomb blinds, they combine perfect protection from the sun with a refreshing, soothing look. The blinds in the Elements collection by sieger design incorporate a powerful statement into a harmonious interior design scheme.


The power of earth

The element of earth is rich in energy and forms the basis for all natural growth. In the decor for the Elements collection, it’s represented by colourful triangles that are swirling round as if blown by a powerful gust of wind.

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The blue element

Water is the source of all life on our planet. In the Elements collection, it’s symbolised by a pattern of abstract corals in refreshing blues, which are slowly floating up to the surface of the water.

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Pure love of life

The element of fire is characterised by energy, passion and warmth. In the Elements collection, it’s represented by a colourful explosion of geometric stars – a typical sieger design hallmark.

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The feeling of freedom

The design for the element of air is inspired by elegant Chinese porcelain painting, but with a modern twist. It shows birds gliding serenely over a landscape full of flowers.

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