MHZ exterior Venetian blinds

Adding modern style to your façade

MHZ exterior Venetian blinds are comparable to Venetian blinds for indoor use. Their key feature is tilting slats that can be adjusted in extremely small increments. As a result they control incoming light and visibility through the blind to suit individual needs, ensuring optimum privacy, shade and protection from glare.

The aluminium blinds create modern façades. On their own or combined with indoor privacy screening and sunshade systems, exterior Venetian blinds shield your home from too much sun and heat. The robust, durable units regulate the climate in your rooms very effectively.

For offices and commercial premises exterior Venetian blinds are ideal for modulating the level of incoming light and sunshine. For rooms with computer workstations they serve as excellent protection from glare.

MHZ places great importance on bespoke, functional products. For your exterior Venetian blind you therefore choose between differing variants and slat widths. The slat colours can be whatever you wish.

Exterior Venetian blind product benefits


  • Made to measure to your specification
  • Infinitely modulate incoming light
  • Effectively regulate indoor climate
  • Durable and resistant to weathering
  • High-quality aluminium slats
  • Special RAL-based colours possible
  • Wind safeguards and side guides on request


Exterior Venetian blinds can be used outside on vertical and large windows and on glass façades. They also provide functional sunshade for conservatories and bay windows.

You operate your exterior Venetian blind electrically or manually via a crank.


Electric drive

The exterior Venetian blinds can be fitted into all popular roller shutter systems.

Effective regulation of indoor climate

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