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Innovations and developments in the Neher system

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New handle position with ordering dimension for height < 500 mm

In future when the ordering dimension for height is more than 500 mm, the swivel handle insert in the tensioning frame ranges SP2, SP4, SP6 and SP7 will be positioned centrally so it can be operated more easily.

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Brush strip 12 2671.25

The new optional brush strip is now partially inserted into the brush channel in the upper and lower section of the tensioning frame at the factory. This can now easily be adapted on site using a pair of scissors. It also serves as a replacement for a PE sealing wedge and long brush seals. The special design is UV stabilised. This has resolved the problems with the PE sealing wedge previously used on French windows and doors.

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New tensioning frame variant SP1/80

The new version of the tensioning frame is similar to the previous version SP1/81 but has the advantage that it can be mounted on the window's blind frame without drilling holes.

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New revolving door version to simplify installation

The new revolving door versions DT3/20 and DT3/21 will in future replace the versions DT3/1 and DT3/31 as well as DT3/3 and DT3/37. The new versions are equipped with the installation frame profile 10 34 23 on the hinge side with pre-fitted rotary hinges. They can also be ordered with mounting holes if necessary.

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New compensating profile (spacer profile 21 20 13.02)

The purpose of the new spacer profile is to adjust the clearance when:

  • Installing dummy mullion solutions
  • Shimming V2A rods
  • Shimming the lug if a cover is mounted on the blind frame


It forms a positive-locking connection and can be combined with the 9 mm adhesive mounting tape 12 25 25.09. It is delivered in a sturdy shipping tube for storage in the assembly vehicle. The spacer profile is available in the colour G6 (blackish-grey) is 2450 mm long and is supplied in sales units of 20 pcs.

The profile can be clipped on at 2 mm increments, with 1 mm increments even possible when using adhesive mounting tape.

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New adhesive mounting tape

The new adhesive mounting tape is intended to be used as a supplement to the 12 25 25.13 adhesive mounting tape for additional applications (width 9 mm). It is suitable for the pleated blind PL2 and for the spacer profile 21 20 13.02.