The MHZ roller blinds product line

R_03, R_04 & R_05 – The perfect model for every requirement

The addition of the R_04 and R_05 models to the MHZ roller blind product line opens up additional possibilities for privacy and sun protection: Large windows can be shaded with a single system, with a width of up to 6 meters and a total surface area of 20 square meters.

The hardware, installation, drive and accessories are based on a modular system. The consistent design creates visual calm and encourages the mixing and matching of R_models.

The integrated compensating device, a patent-pending innovation from MHZ, ensures a perfect fit. It prevents the roller blind from sagging and thus enables a perfectly straight alignment and a seamlessly smooth fabric appearance.

MHZ Overview of the Rollo_Family

Benefits of the MHZ roller blind product range

  • Made in Germany
  • Simple product overview
  • High-quality hardware and solid construction
  • Modern, elegant design thanks to slimline brackets
  • Uniform design language
  • Large selection of colours
  • Quick to install/remove
  • Similar hardware, operation, installation and accessories for all model variants
  • Modular system for customised product configuration
  • A range of variants for all requirements
  • MHZ in-house development – quality and expertise guaranteed

R_04 Bracket mounting

Streamlined and robust

  • Suitable for residential and commercial use
  • Extra-sturdy metal brackets
  • Identical clearance/light gap on both sides
  • Accurate upper and lower end position adjustment
  • Roller blind tube levelling device to compensate for minor variations in ceiling height
  • Plastic panels for roller blind brackets available in five colours
  • Optional: Aluminium bracket, can be painted in RAL colours
MHZ Rollosysteme Trägermontage
MHZ Rollosysteme Kassettenmontage

R_04 Cassette mounting

Simple and timeless

  • Suitable for residential and commercial use
  • Clear, functional aesthetics
  • Invisible bracket concealed within the cassette
  • Full metal cassette
  • Harmonious overall appearance: Cassette and side cover can be painted in RAL colours
  • Simple clip-on installation and a streamlined service hatch – similar to R_03
  • Weighted rod flush with the cassette (depending on variant)

R_04 ZIP & side guide profile

Close-fitting and blackout

  • Suitable for residential and commercial interiors
  • Sophisticated hardware combined with elegant design
  • Electric drive for optimal ease of operation
  • Reliable zip side guide
  • Fixed fabric tension, high stability and draught resistance
  • Optimal darkening effect when combined with blackout fabrics
MHZ Rollosysteme Seitenführungsmontage
MHZ Rollosysteme Schachtmontage

R_04 Shaft installation

Minimalist and design-focused

  • Suitable for residential and commercial use
  • Minimalist look with invisibly integrated hardware
  • Simple installation in the shaft or suspended ceiling
  • Symmetrical shaft profile with screw-in brackets
  • Adjustable bracket position
  • Retractable weighted rod closes with the shaft profile
  • Service hatch access panel can be fitted at the front or the rear

R_05 – for extra-large windows

High-quality and impressive

The R_05 model was created specifically for XXL glass façades in commercial or residential buildings. Featuring the latest MHZ technology, this roller blind ensures pleasant lighting conditions and reliable glare protection even for large panoramic windows.

  • Suitable for residential and commercial use
  • Width of up to 6 m or total surface area of 20 m²
  • Exclusive look with stylish weighted rod
  • Electric drive for optimal ease of operation
  • Functional aluminium brackets for exceptional stability
  • 65 mm roller blind tube with compensating device
  • Roller blind tube levelling device to compensate for minor variations in ceiling height
MHZ Rollosysteme R_05
MHZ Rollos mit Trägermontage im Wohnbereich
Bracket mounting

Blind: GINNY 4-2389; Hardware: R_04 bracket; Installation: Wall installation; Drive: Electric

MHZ Rollos mit Kassettenmontage im Schlafzimmer
Cassette mounting

Blind: HARO 2-2345; Hardware: R_04 cassette; Installation: Ceiling installation; Drive: Crank

MHZ Rollos mit Seitenführungsmontage im Schlafzimmer
ZIP & side guide profile

Blind: XEN *5-1541; Hardware: R_04 ZIP with side guide profile; Installation: Reccess installation; Drive: Electric. *PG5 + 25%

MHZ Rollos mit Schachtmontage im Wohnzimmer
Shaft installation

Blind: JAINA 2-1189, Hardware: R_04; Installation: Shaft installation; Drive: Electric

Technical Highlights R_04 and R_05

Compensating device

The levelling device allows the blind to be positioned in a straight line over a width of up to six metres. This makes even large installations achievable without sagging.

  • For R_04 and R_05 with 65 mm roller blind tube
  • Prevents sagging of the roller blind
  • Ensures the best possible fabric look


The levelling device is installed and adjusted at the factory. It can only be retrofitted at the factory and is used as standard from an installation width of 400 cm (recommended from an installation width of 320 cm).

MHZ Grafik der Ausgleichsvorrichtung bei Rollos
End position adjustment

The end positions are pre-set based on the order details and can be adjusted slightly with the end position adjustment. With bracket roller blinds, the upper and lower end positions can be adjusted when installed. For cassette roller blinds, only the lower end position can be adjusted.

  • Allows for quick and easy end position adjustment with a key
MHZ Grafik von Endlageneinstellungen bei Rollos
Roller blind tube levelling device

Minor variations in ceiling height can be corrected and fabric skewing prevented with the integrated roller blind tube levelling device.

  • For levelling the roller blind tube when installed
  • Compensates for height differences of +/- 4 mm
MHZ Grafik der Wellennivellierung bei Rollos

Explainer Videos Technical Specials

You can find the four explanatory videos on the highlights in the playlist "MHZ Hachtel GmbH & Co. KG EN" on our YouTube channel and in the service app. So you can look up the information you need at any time - even at your customer's site.


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Wellennivellierung Endlageneinstellungen  Kassette ZIP Werksreset Gewindespindel

Hardware colours

RAL 9016

172 white

RAL 9006

901 silver

DB 703

651 anthracite

RAL 7016

611 anthracite grey

RAL 9005

671 black

Discover Style - Collection for roller blinds and panel blinds

Essbereich mit gemusterten Rollos an Fenster und Türen

Switching up those styles

Stylish, modern and inspirational: The MHZ roller blind collection encourages you to create rooms that are as cosy as they are unique.

Discover exquisite mono fabrics with varying levels of transparency, eye-catching prints and patterns, recycled fabrics and even fabrics that have functional properties. Experience the stunning variety on offer!

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