Measuring up correctly for clamp bracket installation

For models 11-8110, 11-8120, 11-8220, 11-8222, 11-8320 and 11-8370

For this form of installation the clamp brackets get pushed over the edge of the window sash at the top and bottom and the fitting parts fixed to them.

Ordering measurements:

Ordering width = glazing bead measurement + desired overhang
Ordering height = height of the entire window sash – 25 mm

Please note:

for clamp bracket installation your window must be open. There must also be enough space above and below the sash for attaching the clamp brackets. In order as far as possible to prevent any light getting in at the sides, the pleated blind should overhang to the left and right of the pane by at least 15 mm – 20 mm if possible.

Be conscious of the window grip and any other raised elements and make sure that they will not interfere with the blind’s movement.

How to measure the glazing bead

To determine the glazing bead dimension, measure the clear height and width of the window glass (including the rubber seal). To account for any window tolerances, always measure the width in several places.


Sloped glazing bead

Where the glazing bead is sloped, measure the width as tightly as possible to the pane, inclusive of the seal.

Straight (rectangular) glazing bead

Where the glazing bead is straight, measure the width from fold to fold.

Clamp bracket installation is recommended for:

  • Plastic windows
  • Wooden windows
  • Aluminium windows