MHZ pleated blinds and DUETTE® honeycomb blinds for wide windows

[Translate to English:] Plissee mit vier Meter Breite am Fenster im Wohnzimmer

MHZ offers perfectly-fitting taut pleated blinds for windows up to 1.80 metres wide.

MHZ also manufactures privacy and sun protection solutions for windows with a width of up to 4 metres. Selected DUETTE® honeycomb blinds for free-hanging systems (applies for chain pull, electric and battery-operated radio drive) provide a high degree of design freedom during configuration. Bear in mind that the system can be no more than 2 metres high as otherwise the maximum mass per unit area will be exceeded.


Skizze vom Plissee Modell 8130

with chain pull

Skizze vom Plissee Modell 8140

with 24 V electric drive

Skizze vom Plissee Modell 8145

12 V battery-​operated radio drive

Skizze vom Plissee Modell 8148

18 V Power View


[Translate to English:] Nahaufnahme vom Plisseestoff 6080

DuoTone Full Tone


[Translate to English:] Stoffnummer 6346



[Translate to English:] Plissee Stoff Nummer 6001



[Translate to English:] Plissee Stoff Nummer 6007



[Translate to English:] Plissee Stoff 6130



[Translate to English:] Plissee Stoff Nummer 6137



[Translate to English:] Plissees im Wohnzimmer mit Vogel Motiv

Perfect hold

Taut MHZ blinds up to 1.80 metres wide do not sag because modern MHZ technology keeps them hanging perfectly straight. By using the Maxi profile together with the compensating device, the system can be straightened without the sides of the profile being pulled up due to the tension applied.

[Translate to English:] Unterschied zwischen Bedienprofil normal und Maxiprofil

MHZ Maxi profile

For pleated blinds more than 120 centimetres wide, we recommend using our Maxi profile. This stabilises the system and ensures that the blind does not sag. The Maxi profile is 20 millimetres high, only four millimetres higher than the standard profile. If systems with different widths are hung side-by-side, the Maxi profile can also be ordered for systems less than 120 centimetres wide.

MHZ compensating device

Using our compensating device, we can make pleated and honeycomb blind systems up to 180 centimetres wide. Based on the principles of bridge construction, a pretensioned spring mechanism stabilises the pleated blind. The device is concealed inside the Maxi profile. The pressure can be adjusted with an Allen key during installation.

If the system is wider than 150.1 centimetres, the pleated blind always includes a Maxi profile and compensating device. The result? A straight pleated blind which, despite its higher weight, remains completely straight.