DUETTE® Heroes


From their offices in Harkotten Castle, SIEGER’s creative team are helping to promote a more democratic and pluralistic society. Our colourful heroes Marvellous Monkey, Rumble Rex, Glamour Girl and Star Man are taking a superpowered stand against discrimination and everyday racism. They’re now also available as funtastic decors in the HEROES collection, which our design team developed for DUETTE® honeycomb blinds.

Each purchase of a DUETTE® blind from the HEROES collection helps support the Network for Democracy and Courage (NDC), which SIEGER has been working with since 2018. The NDC is a Germany-wide network of young people who take action to promote democracy and tolerance.

Jungle power

Marvellous Monkey brings the fascinating world of African rainforests into your home. The blind effectively blocks out any glare from the sun and helps keep you cool even when it’s blazing hot outside.

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Dino power

The ferocious Rumble Rex is surrounded by colourful exploding stars. This vibrant decor is perfect for fans young and old of the mighty prehistoric reptile.

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To the stars

Waking up to Star Man in the morning will energise you for the rest of the day. Geometric stars accompany the muscular comic book hero as he flies off to his next missions.

Discover Star man

A determination heroine

Guaranteed to grab attention and add some punch to your interior design. Glamour Girl demolishes stereotypes and is a perfect fit for bold, self-assured decorating styles.

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