created by nature: new trend card for MHZ honeycomb blinds


The beauty of nature and the focus on the details to be discovered were the source of inspiration for the new DUETTE® trend collection for MHZ honeycomb blinds. The four large-format SPHERE, DELION, SAKURA and BREEZE patterns combine natural shapes, soft tones and powerful highlights. At times subtle, at others striking, at times detailed, at other abstract, each tells its own story and brings a piece of nature back into your rooms.


Fascinating reflections of light and flashing rays of sun through foliage invite you to escape from your everyday routine. The abstract blends of colour conjure up impressive worlds of space.

Natural airiness, feminine romance or pure aesthetics - in matters of décor Japanese cherry blossom is both a trendy and timeless eye-catching motif.

Leaves dancing in a gentle breeze serve as the template for the dynamic patterning. The soft colour scheme can be ideally combined with furnishings in country house style.

In contrast to the dark lines on a white background, the detailed motif combines a dew-covered plant structure, graphic design and natural airiness.

The fabric that serves as the base product for the four exclusive patterns is ELAN from the honeycomb blind collection. The silky feel, textile transparency and gentle incoming light underline the natural theme.

MHZ has also incorporated the fashionable colours of green, petrol and pink into the created by nature  trend collection. You are thus able to combine the four SPHERE, DELION, SAKURA and BREEZE patterns with the colour-matched non-patterned fabrics.

Honeycomb blinds product benefits

  • Especially soft and even incoming light
  • Aesthetic overall appearance
  • Ideal for use near computer workstations
  • Even pattern of folds even across large window surfaces
  • Energy-efficient qualities thanks to honeycomb structure
  • Up to 45% effective, measurable sound absorption