DUETTE® honeycomb blinds are an excellent solution for saving heating and air conditioning costs. The interior privacy and sun protection is the ideal companion to create a pleasant indoor climate in every season: In winter, they keep the heat in the room, while in summer they make it difficult for the heat to penetrate.

Honeycomb blinds for a better indoor climate 

The honeycomb-shaped air cavities between the pleated fabric panels form an insulating layer. In winter, the insulating air cushion protects against the cold from outside and thus helps to reduce heating costs. In summer, the air cushion ensures that the room temperature remains constant from the start of the day and that strong sunshine does not overheat the room.

In bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom too honeycomb blinds ensure a pleasant climate. Harness the positive effect of the pleats as you sleep, cook and wash. With the wide range of colours and patterns, you can create a real eye-catcher.

The wonder of honeycomb blinds


  • Effective filtering of UV radiation
  • Effective protection from heat ans cold
  • Reduction of window surface area thermal absorption in summer
  • Energy efficiency: less heat loss in winter


DUETTE® Works wonders - Benefits at a glance

The honeycomb blinds have an outstanding effect on the indoor climate in the winter as well. The insulating layer protects rooms against cold just as it does against heat. It keeps the freezing temperatures out and helps to save heating energy.

Privacy & anti-glare screening

Noise insulation

Protection against cold

Protection against heat

Aesthetic sound insulation

DUETTE® Honeycomb blinds are ideal for the acoustic retrofitting of offices, meeting rooms, doctor's surgeries and rooms in the home. The DUETTE® fabrics dampen the sound in the room – by up to 45 percent, as confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute. They reduce the unpleasant reverberation created by concrete, glass and metal surfaces. By doing so, they improve the indoor climate.


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