No leaves or small animals in the light well ever again

Cleaning light wells is anything but pleasant work. Wouldn’t it be nice if leaves and muck in the light well could be avoided from the outset? Not to mention animals...

Light well covers from the MHZ insect screens collection reliably protect your basement shafts from leaves and unwelcome visitors. They are simply put on top of existing grilles and directly anchored in place. Thanks to the robust stainless steel mesh the light well is permanently protected, weather-resistant and safe to walk on.


MHZ light well covers: The benefits to you at a glance

  • Weather-resistant and rustproof – thanks to non-corroding materials
  • Non-slip and safe to walk on
  • Optional: Safe to drive on, thanks to robust expanded stainless steel
  • Permeable to light and air
  • No more laborious cleaning of the light wells

LISA light well cover

The LISA light well cover's mesh is made of V2A stainless steel, is non-slip and safe to walk on. It can additionally be reinforced with expanded metal on request.

ELSA light well cover

The complete ELSA light well element consists of high-alloy stainless steel mesh, a robust aluminium profile and a glass-fibre reinforced grate.

TERRESA light well cover

The TERRESA light well cover is specifically suited to wooden decking. It can be used both as a light well cover (inlaid) and as a decking inlay.

RESI light well cover

The waterproof RESI light well cover is made of stainless steel mesh and UV-resistant, highly transparent polycarbonate. The really clever bit is that an integrated ventilation element with the prescribed airflow cross-section ensures adequate ventilation.

Colours and materials

The light well covers' elegant aluminium profiles are available in several colours: anodised silver grey or powder-coated in dark grey or medium grey, in each case with shimmer effect.

NEHER partner

We work work with proven, award-winning products from NEHER, the German market leader in made-to-measure insect screens