Pleated insect screen PL2

PL2 pleated screens for doors

Better quality living and feeling at ease all year round: with the reliable PL2 pleated insect screens. They unite made-to-measure manual MHZ craftsmanship with outstanding hardware from Neher – robust, high quality and ornate. They are simple to fit and easy to use. They move freely, are quiet and durable.

Your PL2 product benefits

  • Installation frame system for flexible adaptation and easy fitting
  • Available with installation frame open or closed on the bottom
  • Low fitted depth of just 22mm
  • Pre-fitted cord
  • Very smooth-running thanks to coated bottom aluminium rails and minimal cord friction
  • Low-profile bottom rail for wheelchair accessibility
  • Integrated control bar for easy opening and closing
  • Easy repair using fabric replacement kit
  • Maximum dimensions of 3 x 3 metres

Simple installation

The pleated screens are easy to fit. Side tracks and box profile can be joined together prior to installation to form a stable aluminium frame with a fitted depth of just 22 millimetres. You fit the pre-assembled frame inside the door via a separate mounting bracket.

The pleated kit with the pre-assembled cord pull profile clips quickly into the frame.

This new type of installation is easy, prevents mistakes during fitting and saves time. Different aluminium guide rails make it possible to use the pleated screens for differing installation situations.

Robust thanks to fabric holder

A new, patent-pending fabric holder system guides the pleated insect screen inside the box profile. The holders stabilise the net weight of the pleated screen. For large pleated screens this prevents the fabric sliding out of the profile. In the area around the guide rail they also protect the pleated screen from folding over.


Smooth-running and durable

Thanks to their novel construction the PL2 pleated insect screens are smooth-running and durable. Rollers guide the robust, low-friction cord on the control bar and expose it to scarcely any abrasion. As the cord runs on the outside of the guide rail it is less susceptible to dirt.

The pleated screen can be easily moved with minimal effort. The pleated fabric glidesgently and quietly along the guide rails, which have an abrasion-proof coating.

By the way: If replacement of the pleated fabric and cord is unavoidable, this can quickly be done using the fabric replacement kit. Via the clip connection the old pleated screen kit can be easily switched for the new one.