The mesh fabric is the heart and soul of every insect screen. It is important to know that special insect screen mesh is needed for differing applications. For only with the right mesh can an insect screen system meet all the demands made of it – so don't be satisfied with half-baked alternatives!

Varying based on what is required, different properties such as transparency and air permeability, weather resistance, tear-resistance and protection from insects, electrical smog and pollen ensure comfort and high quality of life in the home.

Rooms full of light and air during the day and undisturbed sleep at night are a matter of course with insect screen mesh fabrics from MHZ. In our range you will find an enormous variety of mesh types to suit your individual wishes and applications.

Whichever you opt for, every MHZ insect screen mesh stands for top quality, stability, durability and a timelessly attractive look.

The proven classic

Fibreglass mesh

The proven standard mesh for insect screens made of plastic-coated fibreglass. It has great tensile strength and resistance to weathering.

Almost invisible

Transpatec® fabric

Practically invisible with 140% higher air permeability and greater resistance to weathering than a standard mesh.

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Combined insect and pollen protection

Polltec®-TFP fabric

Provides protection from clinically relevant pollen and thanks to its minimal mesh width from tiny little insects too. Yet it lets through even more light and air than standard fibreglass mesh.

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Protective shield against electrical smog

Electrical smog mesh

The electrical smog protective mesh provides protection from insects and high-frequency electro-magnetic radiation, e.g. from mobile phone masts.

Pollen has to stay outside

Polltec® fabric

Highly effective pollen protection mesh for allergy sufferers. It has a special coating and the ECARF seal of quality for certified protective effect.

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Extremely hygienic

Stainless steel mesh

Reliable protection from foliage and little animals, yet highly durable and easy to clean.



Cat mesh

Fly screen mesh with extreme tensile strength thanks to 7-fold reinforcement.

Robust and PVC-free

Aluminium mesh

The stable and inconspicuous alternative for special applications.

NEHER Pprtner

We work work with proven, award-winning products from NEHER, the German market leader in made-to-measure insect screens