Maximum pollen protection for allergy sufferers

The Polltec® pollen protection fabric has been specially developed for allergy sufferers. Thanks to a special coating of the polyester fabric the pollen is trapped by the outer mesh. For practically pollen-free rooms. Allergy sufferers too are thus able to freely breathe in the summer air and enjoy the warm time of year!

The benefits at a glance

  • Protection from 99% of grass and birch pollen and over 90% protection from the particularly small ragweed and stinging nettle pollen. Awarded the ECARF Seal of quality.
  • Pollen protection fabric that lets light and air through: up to 300% better air permeability compared to conventional pollen protection fabrics at wind force 1 (0.3 – 1.6 m/s).
  • Combined pollen/insect screen: usable all year round
  • Weather resistant and robust
  • Easy to clean
  • Made-to-measure production and precise fitting reliably guarantee no gaps

Effective protection from pollen

The Polltec® mesh is fitted in front of doors and windows like a conventional insect screen. What is special about it is that it not only keeps out midges, wasps, flies and other uninvited pests, but also provides protection from pollen in your rooms.

For the excellent way in which it holds back pollen it has been awarded the ECARF Seal of quality. The results are impressive: 99% of all grass and birch pollen and over 90% of the especially tiny ragweed and stinging nettle pollen remain outside caught on the Polltec® mesh.

But people who are not allergy sufferers benefit from the Polltec® protection too: the patented Neher fabric prevents the settling of pollen dust on indoor surfaces – tiresome wiping clear thus becomes a thing of the past.

How does Polltec work?

In the case of normal pollen protection fabric the mesh is extremely tight-knit in order to keep out the tiny pollen particles. Unfortunately that is generally at the cost of letting though light and air.

The special feature of the Polltec® fabric is the unusual, elongated gaps in the mesh. They let through considerably more light and air. And nevertheless provide absolutely reliable protection from pollen, as test results confirm. The key is the special coating on the fabric thread. This positively attracts the pollen and prevents it from penetrating into the room. A handy side-effect is that the pollen protection fabric can be easily cleaned by brushing down – if it has not already been washed clean by the rain.

Certified quality for the good of your health

The European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) awards a Europe-wide seal of quality for allergy-friendly products and services. It aims to make the selection of products and services easier for allergy sufferers and stands for certified quality assurance.