Polltec®-TFP fabric

Airily lightweight insect and pollen protection

Many insect screens tend to have relatively large gaps in the mesh and are therefore not able to keep out very small insects such as black and sand flies. With Neher’s Polltec®-TFP fabric the especially tight-knit mesh prevents even tiny creatures from squeezing through.

The fabric has also been given a special coating so that it simultaneously provides protection from pollen.

The basic structure of the fabric is identical to that of the standard Transpatec® fabric. However, the mesh is much more finely woven. Despite its minimal mesh width, the insect screen scores with an outstanding level of transparency and 20 percent greater air permeability than standard woven fibreglass material.

The benefits at a glance

  • Effective protection from small insects thanks to a minimal mesh gap size of just 1.27 x 0.56 mm
  • ECARF Seal certified pollen protection effect
  • Good tensile strength and weather resistance through utilisation of Transpatec® technology
  • If regularly cleaned, can also be used as a basic dust filter
  • Greater transparency and permeability for air

Additional pollen protection

The great added benefit for allergy sufferers is that the innovative Polltec®TFP fabric provides reliable insect and pollen protection in one! Its special coating, in combination with the elongated mesh gaps and the special weaving process, ensures effective protection from allergy-triggering pollen.

  • Lasting pollen protection function thanks to special anti-pollen coating
  • ECARF-certified protection from most forms of grass pollen and over half the forms of birch and ragweed pollen
  • Even against forms of pollen with a smaller diameter the fabric provides effective protection

Exterior view: Comparison of Polltec®TFP fabric (left) with conventional fly screen mash (right).

Interior view: Comparison of Polltec®TFP fabric (right) with conventional fly screen mash (left).

Practically invisible

Keep a clear view!

The super fine threads and novel weaving technique of the Polltec®TFP fabric produce a homogeneous overall look. The patented fabric and thread structure also lets through appreciably more air than is the case with conventional forms of insect screen mesh. The fantastic transparency is also impressive – from both the inside and outside Transpatec® is practically invisible.

Certified quality for the good of your health

The European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) awards a Europe-wide seal of quality for allergy-friendly products and services. It aims to make the selection of products and services easier for allergy sufferers and stands for certified quality assurance.