MHZ metal blinds

Moving sunshade solutions for demanding architecture

Our adjustable external sun blinds impress with their long-lasting appearance. With their unique slats made of aluminium or stainless steel they supplement your project superbly. The s_enn, s_onro and s_enro rolling metal blinds offer you:

  • Stability and a long service life – in sun and wind
  • Recyclable material
  • Low maintenance costs

The rolling metal blinds are ideal for your building if you are looking for a delicately ornate yet simultaneously wind-resistant, efficient blind. s_enn, s_onro and s_enro all reduce the amount of solar energy that gets into the building. At the same time they provide the interior rooms perfectly with daylight. Their high level of transparency maintains the link to the outside world.

The s_onro aluminium blind enables rooms to be completely blacked out. The slats can be flexibly pushed together in order to adapt the lighting conditions inside. Available in various colour variants, the aluminium blinds can be matched to your building façade.

We will gladly plan and implement your project in collaboration with you. For tailor-made results we are the people to speak to.

MHZ metal blinds: The benefits to you


  • Sunshade product with high transparency for optimum visibility to the outside
  • Modern look made of aluminium or stainless steel
  • Modest installation dimensions thanks to small winding diameter (s_enro and s_enn)
  • Low weight thanks to roll-formed components
  • Provides perfect daylight
  • High reduction in solar energy
  • Blackout when blind is closed (s_onro)
  • Choice of colour scheme (s_enro and s_onro)
  • Extremely wind resistant, suitable for tall buildings

Model overview

With s_enn, s_onro and s_enro, we offer you unique metal blinds. Supplement your façade with a product that is wind-resistant and delicately ornate, efficient and aesthetic.


s_enro is the latest product from our range of metal blinds, with which we have successfully been active on the market for around fifteen years.

It features delicately ornate construction and modest installation dimensions. That is thanks to the small winding diameter and the roll-formed aluminium slats, which produce a precise, homogeneous surface.

With its high level of transparency, s_enro provides the interior rooms perfectly with daylight and enables you to look out. A range of different colour variants round off the appearance in keeping with the building.



The basic idea of the s_enn metal blind fits on one sheet of paper: it should simply be better. We developed its core component – its slat – in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) in Freiburg. As a result, s_enn reduces the building's energy consumption to the optimum degree. Meanwhile visual contact with the outside world is maintained by the blind's high level of transparency.

With the s_enn metal blind, what we have been able to create is a classic product: a high level of wind stability and timeless appearance are its stand-out features. Let minimalist aesthetics and utmost precision in stainless steel thrill you!



With its modern form, s_onro combines blind and roller shutter function in fascinating fashion. At a pitch of 20 degrees and above the aluminium blind shields the interior from direct incoming sunlight.

The unique construction enables transparent privacy screening and sunshade and also lets the room be blacked out. The amount of incoming light can be individually determined by opening and closing the blind. With its high level of transparency, s_onro ensures sufficient light inside and the ability to see outside.


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