Custom print tips

Create a sun protection product that is as unique as you are! Sure, you could choose one of the patterns from our Design Collection, but with the MHZ digital printing service you can also print your very own design on one of our products. It could be a personal holiday snap, some handwritten text, a logo or a graphic. Just let your creativity flow – the sky's the limit!

You can add custom prints to our sun and privacy protection products like roller blinds, vertical blinds and panel blinds and to our specials such as those made from acrylic, aluminium, wood, glass or wallpaper. You don't necessarily need to provide us with the design in a digital format – we can also print onto your desired product from slides or paper.

Your own unique design in three steps

Step 1: Select your design

Choose a photo, text or logo. Make sure that your design meets the criteria below:


  • File formats for print files:

– Recommended minimum resolution of 50 dpi

– Please save your photos as TIFF, JPEG or PDF files

– Logos, text or graphics should be saved as EPS, PDF, Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator files

– Please convert text to paths

– We can scan and digitise slides, photos and other designs provided in paper format

  • Please state your desired colours by providing numbers taken from a colour fan (e.g. Pantone, HKS, RAL)
  • When choosing your image, make sure that it is suitable for the product in question

Step 2: Select your product

You can choose a roller blind, panel blind, vertical blind or one of our special products. We can also print on certain fabrics used for external sun protection on request.


  • Please specify the scale you want to use for scaling
  • If the design you want to use is not an all-over pattern, specify whereabouts on the blind it should be positioned
  • Please note that different fabrics are suitable for different applications
  • Please specify the required blind unit size

Step 3: Place your order

Please submit your requests/orders to Once you have sent your request/order, we will e-mail you an upload link for you to send us your print data securely.

Copyright: Please make sure that the design you choose does not infringe copyright, personal rights or trademark rights. You must be the sole owner of the rights to your design. You must obtain explicit consent from any third parties depicted in the design.

Custom prints for external sun protection


Discover the world of custom prints beyond our Design Collection... Our zip_2.0 and awning products for external privacy and sun protection can be made from certain fabrics with a custom digital print on request. See the document covering the corresponding applications for more detailed information.

Custom print applications

Print on your favourite product!

See here for an overview of which products we can print on:



Roller blinds Vertical blinds Panel blinds SQUID adhesive fabric zip_2.0 Awnings (on demand) Specials