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With 20 unique printed patterns, the MHZ Design Collection provides inspiration and design freedom for customers who love the exceptional and unique. Other materials can be printed too as well as our blinds. For example, it is possible to create small focal points or fashion statement walls.

Materials, prices & patterns

Printable materials


  • 3 mm white (Dibond) or brushed (Butler Finish) aluminium composite
  • 5 mm white or transparent acrylic
  • 16 mm particle board
  • Glass
  • Wallpaper

Ordering & prices

Order Design Collection Specials on request by sending an email to

You will find a guide to the prices of the individual materials in our Design Collection Specials price list. For the exact price, please contact us by email at, stating the material, size and pattern.


Price list Specials

Sample case

We provide sample cases for our dealers to buy so you can show your customers the printable materials on site to help with guidance and decision-making. The magnet-fastening case contains six design sheets from the materials listed above with sample prints from our Design Collection, including a practical stand-up display.

You can purchase the cases for €100 each. If interested, please contact your technical adviser.

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