How to measure correctly

Measuring instructions for different installation variants with a rectangular window shape

As our pleated and honeycomb pleat blinds are individually made to measure, we need measurement details that are as accurate as possible. Regardless of the type of installation, attention must be paid to the following points:

  • Take measurement at multiple points
    Measure the height and especially the width at multiple points. Especially when installing directly in front of the glass (on the glazing bead), it is possible, for example, for the width at the top, in the middle and at the bottom to vary slightly. In this case take the narrowest width as the measurement.
  • Measure each window individually
    At first sight many windows appear to have identical measurements. Nevertheless, take the time to measure all windows individually – especially when installing directly in front of the glass.
  • Use a metal tape measure to measure up
    From our experience the most suitable aid to use for measuring up is a metal tape measure. However, a ruler / folding rule is similarly well suited to the task. Sewing tape measures made of flexible material can, on the other hand, lead to small inaccuracies.
  • Ordering dimensions = the dimensions of the pleated blind
    Please note: the measurements given when placing the order are the measurements of the finished pleated blind. The pleated blind units are made with millimetre precision based on the figures you provide, without any deductions being made in our production operation. Especially where installation is to be directly in front of the glass, you should ensure that the measurements you provide are not too wide.

The width and height must be determined differently depending on the type of installation. Please measure as carefully as possible and always state the measurements from inside to outside.

Select the desired installation variant

Glazing bead installation

Installation using footplates. With this variant, the pleated blind is screwed in place in the narrow bead directly in front of the glass.

Measuring instructions

Adhesive set installation

Fitting directly to the window pane with no drilling or screwing. Adhesive is completely removable.

Measuring instructions

Window clip installation

Clamp brackets are fitted to the window sash – with no drilling or screwing.

Measuring instructions

Glazing bead bracket installation

Installation on the window frame where glazing bead is very narrow (e.g. triple glazing). Glazing bead angle brackets get screwed in place in the bead’s joint with the window sash.

Measuring instructions

Clamp bracket installation

Installation using clamp brackets on the window frame – with no drilling or screwing.

Measuring instructions

Angle bracket installation

Angle brackets get screwed in place on the window sash and the pleated blind fixed to the brackets.

Measuring instructions

Please note: installing too close to the window pane increases the risk of the glass breaking.