Mounting template for glazing bead installation

Using the installation aid for glazing bead installation, the TwinLine Venetian blind, AREO Roman blind and pleated blind models 11-8220, 11-8222 and 11-8120 can be installed quickly and easily. Thanks to the well thought-out template design, the installation position of the blind can be determined effortlessly and with absolute precision. Glazing bead installation is thus successful first time!

Template instructions & how they work

Clip the two templates onto the operating rail, one on the left and one on the right. Push them into the window sash as far as they will go. Via the steps on both sides you are able to align the unit centrally and mark up the installation position through the pre-punched hole. This process must be done on both the bottom and top glazing bead. Drill, screw on, done!

Installation template instructions

Advantages of template installation

Makes installation easier

Efficient and simple to use: the installation template is easy to use and enables you to fit the blind perfectly – without any laborious measuring up work. That saves you time, money and irritation.

Reduces susceptibility to mistakes

The template’s shape and the steps worked into it on the side ensure appreciably fewer mistakes during glazing bead installation.

Available for the following products

The installation aids are suitable for glazing bead installation of pleated blinds, the AREO Roman blind and TwinLine Venetian blind. They are available in each case as a two-part set: the blue template pair for the installation of pleated and Roman blinds and the black pair for Venetian blinds.

Venetian blind:

Product no. 09-9021

Pleated blind:
11-8220, 11-8222, 11-8120 (bottom rail)

Product no. 11-9020

Roman blind:

Product no. 11-9020