2017 training begins: 15 new trainees at MHZ

MHZ has for many years been offering a range of different training positions at its own sites.

This year too a total of 15 new trainees began their vocational training on 1 September. Four of them are being trained to become Industrial Management Assistants, two to become Office Management Assistants, one to become an IT Specialist for System Integration, one to become an Electronics Technician for Production Engineering, two to become Mechatronic Engineers, one to become and Industrial Mechanic, one to become a Process Engineer for Plastics and Rubber Technologies and one to become a Machine and Plant Operator.


Induction week in Musberg

Tense excitement and anticipation – those are the prevailing emotions whenever a new stage of life begins. And starting a vocational training course is probably one of the most decisive. For a total of 15 MHZ trainees this new stage begins today, 1 September 2017. Nine of them, those hoping for a career in business management, have therefore come together for their first week of training at the company head office in Musberg.

The day begins with an official welcome and an introduction to the MHZ company history. It will quickly become clear that this is a place where great things have been and can be achieved. Next comes a joint tour of the head office premises, during which the trainees gain a first look at the different departments and the everyday work in the privacy screening and sunshade product industry. Over the course of their three-year training they will get to work in all of them. By early afternoon the day is then already over and the weekend is almost upon us. This short period of grace is one that we can still allow them, for on Monday 4 September things will get serious for the new trainees.


Organisation is everything

First item on the agenda is the organisational rules. In addition to being given a welcome pack, the trainees are given instructions on all matters of safety at work. In an informal round of introductions the trainees get to know each other and their mentors – trainees in their second year of training.

That is followed by induction in the different IT programmes with which they will be working on a daily basis for the next three years: Windows, Lotus Notes, SAP, MHZ Connect, the server drives with a dedicated trainees drive, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. There is a short exercise for each programme. E-mail and telephone procedures are also explained to them. Organisational matters also need to be clarified. How is the training structured in terms of content and times? How is a report card written? Who has to sign what for that? How do things work with tests and certificates? The training managers and mentors are happy to answer all these questions and more.

The grand finale of the first training week consists of a talk complete with presentation that the trainees have produced during the week. Held as an informal meeting, they themselves give an introduction here to their fellow trainees and the trainers.

By the weekend the young trainees are thus well equipped in good time to make a start in their first training department on this new stage in their lives.


MHZ looks forward along with its trainees to an exciting time and wishes all of them every success.