ARD pays a visit to the MHZ factory in Kirchheim

Last Wednesday, 21 June 2017, a film crew from the educational TV channel ARD-alpha visited the MHZ factory in Kirchheim unter Teck. They were there to film a feature about working as a Fabric Make-up Technician, which will be shown as part of the “Ich mach's” (What I do) educational magazine programme, available to see as of 3 July at 6pm on ARD-alpha.


Under the “Ich mach's” title ARD-alpha, a Bavarian Broadcasting channel, has been profiling various training-based professions since 2008. The profiles are then accessible from the educational channel's online magazine. The aim is to inform young people and those seeking apprenticeships of their career options and to generate interest in the different areas of work.

In-house training is becoming increasingly important

Especially at times where there are ever fewer potential recruits available on the job market, in-house training is the best way for a company to gain skilled, motivated employees and to retain their services for the long term.

It was thus the training for the job of Fabric Make-up Technician that led the three-strong film crew on 21 June into the production halls of the MHZ factory in Kirchheim unter Teck, where they interviewed trainee Michail Sidiropoulos and his team leader Serdar Sökel for the feature.

“I like the job of Fabric Make-up Technician, as it has lots of different aspects and is full of variety,” says Michail. At the MHZ Kirchheim factory he works in the Awning Fabric Make-up section, where he is involved with the different fabrics. The processing of the entire order, made up of cutting to size, sewing jobs and creating the hems are among Michail's tasks. He also has to learn how to work safely with the relevant machines.


Diverse vocational options at MHZ

The film team wanted to flesh out the diversity of the fabric make-up profession. In addition to the make-up operation at the MHZ Kirchheim factory, they also visited other companies that are involved in the making of tent canvas and pool and pond covers. Others branches of significance for those working in fabric make-up include the printed materials and promotions branch and other areas of use that keep emerging. At the MHZ Kirchheim factory fabric production for use in fire and smoke protection is, for instance, a new area of work that the trainees learn about during their training at MHZ.

However, it is not only in fabric make-up that MHZ provides training. At our main premises in Musberg and at our five production sites the company also provides training for other technical and commercial vocations. Would-be trainees can apply to be trained for any of the following roles: Electronics Technician for Production Engineering; IT Specialist in System Integration; Process Engineer for Plastics and Rubber Technologies; Mechatronic Engineer; Toolmaker; Industrial Mechanic; Warehouse Manager; Warehouse Logistics Specialist; Technical Product Designer (specialising in product development and construction or in machine and plant construction); Industrial Management Assistant; Office Management Assistant. MHZ also makes it possible to take the two dual study courses of Industry and Accounting and Controlling at Stuttgart Cooperative State University.

The fact that both the range of vocations on offer and MHZ as a training provider are very popular is shown by the take-up of places for the coming year. The only places that MHZ still has available are for training as Machine and Plant Operators at the site in Niederstetten.

Link to the video feature in the ARD media library