Double roller blind: Contemporary three-dimensional effects

Until the launch of the exclusive MHZ LOLA pattern, the double roller blind collections were characterised by simple woven stripes that were alternately transparent and opaque. A new weaving technique – known as the Scherli technique – enabled the reinterpretation of the double roller blind with sophisticated 3D effects.


Through the differing justification of the double fabric, the exclusive MHZ LOLA pattern creates sophisticated 3D effects and fascinating patterns of light on the window and in the room. Reacting to the success of this ground-breaking innovation, MHZ has added four further exclusive patterns to the collection. The two trend cards contain these four patterns: LOGAN - the parallelogram, LOKI - the little wave, HENRIK - the angular wave and OSCAR - the chamfer. The four exclusive double roller blind fabrics are each available in the four classic shades of Pure White, Off White, Nature and Grey. In addition, the fabrics are certified to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, confirming that they contain no substances harmful to human health. The LOGAN and LOKI patterns thus add harmonious, round shapes to the collection, while the HENRIK and OSCAR patterns add geometrically angular forms.


Intricate weaving technique

Using the 'Scherli' technique a special contrast is created between transparent and opaque sections of the fabric, as a result of which the pattern produces a three-dimensional effect. To achieve this the yarn is firmly woven in some places and left loosely hanging in others. Afterwards the loose yarn threads are shorn off, producing a textile, almost three-dimensional look all around the motif.


MHZ LOOK_2 double roller blind

The LOOK_2 double roller blind enables the fabric to run in front of or behind the tube. If it runs in front of the tube, it additionally hides the hardware and creates a high-quality overall look. If it runs behind the tube, the sleek, elegant top section provides for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. In keeping with this the particularly sleek angle brackets from the Carat_24 line are available as an option for wall-mounted installation. The LOOK_2 can optionally be rounded off with a beautifully designed weighted rod made of V2A steel.


Made in Germany

The four fabrics and the majority of the others in the double roller blind collection are woven, dyed and finished in Germany. The collection thus very much conforms to the MHZ philosophy of minimal transportation, an assured production chain and strict quality control. It also fulfils the requirements in respect of all materials used being harmless to health and manufactured in an eco-friendly way.