Honeycomb blinds XXL

Shade for large windows

Having a visual link to the outside is of elementary importance to people. With panoramic windows it has long been possible to overcome the separation of inside and outside and to make the surrounding area part of the fixtures and fittings. Large windows and glass surfaces thus stand symbolically for freedom. They define modern man's feeling of life.


The challenge of providing interior shade

However, wide glazed areas and window fronts repeatedly pose a challenge to architects, builders and interior designers. Despite the very low heat transfer coefficient there is one need that they cannot easily fulfil: the desire for shade, darkness and privacy.

MHZ offers a perfect solution for this with the four-metre honeycomb blind.


Cleverly large honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb blinds with chain operation or 24-volt electrical control can be fitted as free-hanging blinds for areas up to 4 metres wide and 2.6 metres high. Six fabrics are available for such blinds in classic home living colours. Three of them are suitable for blacking rooms out.

Honeycomb blinds in general offer several advantages for large window surfaces too. As a result of the air cushion created by the honeycomb pattern, honeycomb blinds permanently ensure a better indoor climate: in the summer it remains pleasantly cool and in the winter the honeycomb blinds protects against heat loss through the window and helps to save energy. Thanks to the special honeycomb construction the reverberant noise in the room can simultaneously be reduced to a measurable degree. As the tension cords run inside the honeycomb structure, there are no punched holes.