MHZ is backing environmental protection with GREENSCREEN® SEA-TEX

Environmental pollution caused by plastic waste in the oceans is sadly a huge global problem. There is currently around 140 million tonnes of plastic rubbish floating around in the world's seas. This mass of plastic increases every year by around another eight million tonnes of waste. In contrast to organic materials, plastic is practically indestructible and needs decades or even centuries to fully decompose. A plastic bag, for instance, needs 10 to 20 years, a polystyrene cup about 50 years and a PET bottle 450 years no less (cf. NABU) until the hazardous parts have decomposed. The idea of collecting plastic waste that has washed up on the beach and transforming it into new products is therefore already a hot topic in the textile industry.


New trend card for roller and panel blinds

With GREENSCREEN® SEA-TEX, MHZ is adding to its fabric collections for roller and panel blinds a new material that consists 50 percent of ocean plastics. The plastic rubbish collected on the beach gets processed by local recycling firms into homogeneous granulate, from which a yarn is produced. Made of 100 percent recycled ocean plastic, this yarn is then woven by a weaving mill as weft in the fabric.


From ocean plastic to internal blinds

GREENSCREEN® SEA-TEX is the right choice whenever it comes to sustainable construction and the overall home/life concept – be it at home or in public buildings. The semi-transparent fabric provides a shield against strong incoming light without denying the ability to look out. Available in the five classic home living colours of white, sand, pale grey and anthracite, it can be combined with any interior design style. GREENSCREEN® SEA-TEX is every bit the equal of conventional textiles for functionality, quality and look. With its textile look and light, blended texture, it is a very trendy fabric, not just in terms of environmental protection. 

In addition the fabric is fire retardant, contains no halogens or PVC, is certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and is also suitable for large windows up to 3.40 metres wide and 4 metres high. GREENSCREEN® SEA-TEX lets you combine tailor-made, functional and aesthetic screening from the sun with the feeling of doing something good for the world of tomorrow.