R_03: Experience a new kind of roller blind!

Making of: the people behind R_03

Our employees jointly gave of their best for the new R_03 roller blind system and once again created a perfect product. The blind's development and production has been dominated by craftsmanship.

The primary objective was to completely rethink the roller blind. Initially, therefore, staff members from Product Management, Development, Design, Production and Final Assembly came together to thrash out ideas. They collected together at this stage the aspects that the new roller blind absolutely had to fulfil in order to meet the demands both of the consumer and specialist retailer.

It's best when you make it yourself

As in-house development is seen as important at MHZ, the tools were developed and made by the Development and Design departments. For the lay folk among us: a tool here means a kind of casting mould that gets built into the injection-moulding machine. The individual parts of the R_03 are produced in these tools by injecting liquid plastic and then letting it cool off. The team designed and made over 80 such tools for the new roller blind system, all in very precise detail by hand. The quality of the prototypes made in this way was checked by everyone involved in the project. This step was repeated over and again until the result was ideal. Only when both surface and colour were regarded as perfect could production of the individual parts and modules begin.


Another MHZ original

Finally, in the Final Assembly department our staff then put hardware and fabric together. As at MHZ the blind fabric too is made to measure, they first cut it to the right size. They then roll it by hand onto the roller blind tube, create the hem and attach the desired weighted rod. Once everything here is perfect, our staff ultimately put the R_03 together to form a fully working roller blind. The R_03 thus becomes a made-to-measure privacy and sunshade product - an MHZ original that we make 100 percent in Germany.