With SQUID® you keep your outside view!

Now part of the MHZ product portfolio, SQUID® is an adhesive fabric that can be fitted quickly and easily to windows of any shape. The self-adhesive, textile fabric revolutionises conventional window film. It ensures privacy and a view to the outside for all domestic rooms and offices.  The special textile look and characteristics enable the adhesive fabric to be used in diverse, bespoke ways.

Privacy and transparency

SQUID® was created from the need to develop a privacy and sun protection product that would manage without any fitting or hanging systems and nevertheless have a textile appearance. The solution to this challenge is the novel adhesive fabric SQUID®. The self-adhesive fabric provides protection from prying eyes throughout the day, yet preserves visual contact with the outside world. It simultaneously lets through ample daylight and with its textile look also creates a cosy ambience. Totally in contrast to traditional window films, which completely prevent you from looking out and often feel cold.


Practical for special shapes

You have round, triangular or diamond-shaped windows and want to stop strangers looking in and provide protection from incident sunlight? As the textile is cut to size on site, it is suitable for any window and the simple handling makes it especially practical for use on special shape windows. SQUID® is available in rolls with a width of 1.30 metres. You set the length yourself based on your window measurements. Just as for 'normal' windows, you measure the required area, cut the material to a slightly larger size, clean the window, affix the adhesive fabric to it and trim off the projecting edges.

Diverse and bespoke use

Contemplating whether the textile will go well with your fixtures and fittings? SQUID® has an impressive, very natural look. It is woven in Europe from high-quality polyester yarn and is available in five shades: Chalk, Bone, Oak, Ash and Rock. These classic residential colours and the minimalist design can thus be easily combined with any style of furnishings, lifestyle or architectural style.

There is no limit to how the adhesive fabric can be used – be it in the home or commercial premises, in office buildings or in public facilities, such as hospitals. All glass surfaces, such as windows, doors and partitions, can be fitted out with SQUID®. The adhesive coating and antibacterial finish also make the breathable fabric suitable for humid areas, so it can be used in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.


Easy to use

Are you wondering how the adhesive fabric is affixed to the window? SQUID®  has a special adhesive coating that enables the the fabric to stick to smooth glass surfaces of its own accord. Sticking it on is simple, quick and quiet: you clean and dry the surface, cut the fabric to size slightly bigger than required, pull off the protective film and affix the textile onto the pane. Then carefully trim off the projecting edges. As there is no need for any drilling, screwing or hammering, putting on SQUID® causes no noise or mess. For larger surfaces it is easier to have a second person help you. You also have a free choice of working 'lengthways' or 'sideways', which makes the handling even easier.

Very easy to look after and safe

Looking after the fabric is easy and requires no more than a soft, clean clothes brush. The B1 and M1 “fire retardant” certifications enable safe use in commercial premises and buildings subject to fire prevention regulations. UV resistance in accordance with the ISO 4892-3 (2006) QUV test ensures that neither sunlight nor heat cause the adhesive coating to discolour or lose adhesive strength. The adhesive fabric is also free of halogens and PVC.