Pleated blinds for large windows

At over 120 centimetres your windows are supposedly too big for taut pleated blinds, are they? With the MHZ Maxi profile and compensation mechanism it's no problem!

MHZ Maxi profile

For pleated blinds with a width of 120 centimetres or more we recommend our Maxi profile. It stabilises the unit, so that the blind fabric is guaranteed not to sag. At 20 millimetres the Maxi profile is only four millimetres higher than the standard profile. If blinds of differing widths are being put up next to each other, the Maxi profile can be ordered for units less than 120 centimetres wide as well.


MHZ compensation mechanism

Using the compensation mechanism, we are able to offer pleated and honeycomb blinds with a width of up to 180 centimetres. Derived from the principles of bridge construction, a pre-tensioned spring mechanism stabilises the pleated blind. The mechanism is invisibly integrated into the Maxi profile. During installation the pressure can be adjusted using an Allen key.


We make pleated blinds with a unit width of 150,1 centimetres or more exclusively with Maxi profile and compensation mechanism. The result for you: a pleated blind installed perfectly straight that cannot be adversely affected by its greater inherent weight.


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