Pleated blinds for wide windows

Sun protection for widths of up to 4 metres

Large and wide windows give rooms a modern appeal, which is why finding the right sun protection solution is important when it comes to achieving the desired lighting conditions in these rooms.

MHZ offers made-to-measure taut pleated blinds for windows up to 1.80 metres wide. MHZ also manufactures precisely fitting privacy and sun protection for windows up to 4 metres wide (up to a maximum height of 2 metres): Selected DUETTE® honeycomb blinds for free-hanging systems* offer incredible design freedom when configuring a product to meet your personal requirements.

Both solutions emphasise the comfort of modern rooms and perfectly draw attention to what makes these windows so unique – their exceptional size.

*Valid for free-hanging systems with pull chain, electric or battery-operated radio drive

Perfect hold

Our MHZ pleated blinds stay perfectly in position, which is an impressive feat. We employ the latest technology to ensure that taut blinds up to 1.80 metres wide and free-hanging systems up to as much as 4 metres wide (DUETTE® honeycomb blinds) remain in position. They still hang perfectly as expected, even after a longer period of use.

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