Installation with no drilling or screws

In a rented apartment drilling or screwing into the window frames is often not allowed. Can a braced pleated blind nevertheless be installed? Absolutely! The MHZ adhesive set, MHZ window clips and MHZ clamp brackets enable pleated blinds to be fitted without drilling or screws.

MHZ adhesive set for glazing bead installation

MHZ adhesive set: For installation in the glazing bead

Installation in the glazing bead is ideal for turn and tilt windows. Just 14.6 millimetres wide, the narrow adhesive beads can be attached within the glazing bead itself. The taut pleated blind's footplates can then be clipped onto them. The blind is immediately ready for use and can be flexibly positioned.

The pleated and honeycomb pleat models 8220 and 8222 and the freely movable TwinLine Venetian blind can be fixed to the window quickly and easily – with no drilling or screws. The adhesive beads can be removed without leaving a mark. For cleaning the window the blinds can be easily unclipped and then clipped back on.

MHZ window clips for front and glazing bead installation

MHZ window clips: For installation on the window frame

Measuring just under 11 by 29 millimetres, the little window clips are ideal for positioning blinds without any drilling or screws in the glazing bead. The MHZ window clips can be firmly clipped on at the top and bottom of the frame. They securely hold the pleated and honeycomb pleat models 8220 and 8222 and the freely movable TwinLine Venetian blind.

MHZ clamp brackets for front installation


MHZ clamp brackets For fitting on the frame

Most vertical pleated blinds can be fitted to window frames using clamp brackets. Measuring 20 by 50 millimetres, the small brackets are clamped onto the frame. The blinds can then be easily clipped on and off.

The clamp brackets are available for taut pleated blinds and rectangular free-hanging blinds. The brackets are also suitable for Slope, triangular and fixed circular blinds.

Further options for fitting MHZ pleated blinds:

  • Glazing bead installation using footplates
  • Front installation using glazing bead brackets
  • Angle brackets
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