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Every MHZ product is an original

For over 80 years we have been making custom sunshade solutions to measure. Every product is thus an original. Developed to fulfil your most demanding requirements.

MHZ sunshade systems are innovative, long-lasting and durable. They are of top quality and outstanding design, regulate heat and incoming light and control the area's climate. At the same time they create an inspiring atmosphere and a sense of well-being. You are thus able to configure lighting, space and the way you live.

Pleated blinds

Privacy and sunshade, a fascinating pleat pattern and soft incoming daylight: we will find the bespoke pleated blind for each of your windows.

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Honeycomb blinds

Safeguard yourself from excessively hot or cold rooms. Honeycomb blinds help you to save energy. And much more besides.

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Roller blinds

Utmost privacy and protection from glare or lots of daylight? With a roller blind you can modulate the light entirely as you require.

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Roman blinds

Textile sophistication with a fascinating effect: with a Roman blind you can give your rooms a sensual, carefree look.

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Venetian blinds

Flexibly modulate the light in your rooms: with the classic of interior sunshade – versatile, adaptable MHZ Venetian blinds.


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Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds shield you in bespoke, seamless fashion from sunlight and prying eyes. By turning the slats, you can modulate incoming light entirely as you require.

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Panel blinds

Panel blinds hang from your ceiling as fabric panels that can be moved to the side. Combine colours and patterns to add creative design to your floor-to-ceiling windows or glass frontage.

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SQUID adhesive fabric

Don't want people looking in, but want to see out? And ideally to do so in textile form with no brackets? No problem with SQUID® adhesive fabric.

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Curtain rods

Unique decorative items for wall and ceiling: they hold your curtains firm and skilfully show them off.


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Curtain rails

Our hit product: MHZ curtain rails, serving as aesthetic decorative items or invisible functional elements. With excellent glide characteristics for curtains.

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Beautiful, intelligent protection from the sun: use an awning to shield yourself from sun and heat. So that your balcony or terrace becomes a delightful oasis of shade.

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Shading systems

Discover fascinating providers of shade: they seem to float in or above your conservatory or similar glass building.

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External Venetian blinds

Control incoming light and visibility through the blind to meet your individual needs. External Venetian blinds guarantee optimum privacy, shade and shielding from glare.

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Insect screens

Quality living: reliably protect your home from insects, small animals and pollen.


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Hygiene products

Experience the application variety of our hygiene products and find your desired model, tailored to your needs.


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Metal blinds

Our roll-up metal blinds are ideal for modern buildings. They complement façades in sophisticated, wind-resistant fashion and are also efficient and aesthetic.

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