MHZ Roman blinds

Textile sophistication with a fascinating effect

A Roman blind is a form of roller blind where you do not roll the fabric onto a tube, but rather gather it vertically via cords. As a result the blind fabric drops like arching clouds, creating a textile, sensual atmosphere.

MHZ Roman blinds are suited to vertical windows and doors in the home. The system can also be used for special shape windows and skylights. You open your Roman blind in the horizontal plane and are able to flexibly position your privacy screen and sunblind. Fully opened the blind fabric leaves the window clear and simultaneously serves as a jaunty, eye-catching feature.

With numerous fabrics available in different colours, textures and levels of transparency, you can style your Roman blind in bespoke fashion. The blind fabric is available with or without profiled rods. Both variants give your rooms a cosy feeling of well-being that invites you to lie back and dream.

For cleaning the window the blind fabric can be easily taken off. The fabrics themselves are also washable. You will find specially treated fabrics in use in commercial premises.

Roman blind product benefits


  • Made to measure to your specification
  • Large choice of colours, patterns and transparency levels
  • Textile character
  • Fabrics easy to take off for cleaning or replacing
  • Suitable for windows in special shapes


Roman blinds are suited to vertical windows and doors and to skylights This textile form of sunshade can also be used on special shapes such as vertical and horizontal arches, as a slope blind or a joint blind.

You operate your Roman blind manually via a chain, control bar or operating handle. Dependent on model, Roman blinds can also be conveniently controlled via an electric motor.

Pull chain

Operating rail

Electric drive

MHZ Roman blinds can be fitted to the wall, ceiling or a glass façade. The MHZ adhesive set enables installation in the glazing bead without any drilling or screws.

Wall or ceiling mounting

Glazing bead installation

Window sash installation

Installation using adhesive set

One collection – a wealth of design possibilities

Textiles by MHZ

The "Textiles by MHZ" collection, specially developed for the Roman blind, curtain and panel blind product groups, never fails to impress with its durable, timeless and high-quality character.

A wide range of colours and transparency levels are available to suit every need and interior design style.

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