MHZ shading systems

Fascinating solutions for all requirements

Using our shading systems you combine timeless design with first-class engineering: as a provider of shade for your conservatory or outdoor glass building or as a shield from the sun inside sophisticated glass architecture.

The innovative coaxial counter-pull technology can be used on horizontal, angled and large surfaces. In every position it ensures that the fabric is perfectly taut.

Our fabrics are top quality, weather- and heat-resistant materials. Innovative, intelligent installation systems make the shades look as though they are floating in the air. They are easy to operate: electric drive plus wind and sun sensors prove valuable features in day-to-day use.

Shading system product benefits

  • Made to measure to your specification
  • Robust construction
  • Flexible installation
  • Custom solutions
  • Fabric finished to a high quality
  • Operation by electric drive


New product

zip_2.0: Window awning

MHZ is heralding with the zip_2.0 a new generation of laterally guided window awnings. The company's own patented glider system and the adjustable guide tracks ensure that the awning winds out evenly with the fabric held at optimum tension. Achieve a projection of up to 300 centimetres with a cassette size of just 110 millimetres.

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Efficient glare protection

k_oax counter-pull system

Characteristic features of many modern buildings are large windows, angled glass surfaces and glass roof structures. While the buildings thus contribute to the passive generation of energy, they require protection in summer from excessive build-up of heat.

The MHZ k_oax counter-pull system, however, has been specifically developed to fulfil the requirements in this area. The modern coaxial system combines functionality and technical perfection and satisfies all efficiency demands made of an anti-glare and sun protection system.

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Fabric collection

You will find a very varied selection of fabrics in our extensive collection. Configure your living and outdoor areas as you wish. All fabrics provide protection from harmful UV rays.

Choose between narrow or broad block stripes, discreet or powerful, single or contrasting colours. All fabrics are colour-fast, non-fading and both dirt- and water-repellent.

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Shading systems - Fascinating solutions for all requirements