k_oax counter-pull system

Characteristic features of many modern buildings are large windows, angled glass surfaces and glass roof structures. While the buildings thus contribute to the passive generation of energy, they require protection in summer from excessive build-up of heat. Not all sun protection systems are able to cope with the required dimensions and installation situations in the commercial property sector.

The MHZ k_oax counter-pull system, however, has been specifically developed to fulfil the requirements in this area. The modern coaxial system combines functionality and technical perfection and satisfies all efficiency demands made of an anti-glare and sun protection system. Large dimensions plus flexible shaping and methods of installation are features of the k_oax systems.

We are the people to talk to for full support in the planning and running of your major projects. Profit from our tailor-made, functional solutions and many years of project experience. Showcased on the following pages are selected reference properties in which the counter-pull systems are used in differing forms and functions.

k_oax product benefits

  • Made to measure to your specification
  • Two-axle system (coaxial) with counter-pull for optimum fabric tension
  • Systems fitted horizontally, vertically or at an angle.
  • Efficient glare protection for extraordinary glass architecture
  • Side guides and end rail make complete black-out possible
  • Simple operation, electrically or manually
  • Blind position can be finely adjusted
  • Large selection of colours and different textures within the range
  • Hardware in RAL colours possible

Internal and external sun protection produces a pleasant atmosphere and glare-free illumination. It additionally reduces the amount of heat coming into the building and lessens the need for cooling power.

The counter-pull units' cable-tensioning system enables very varied protection from glare.

Almost any geometric shape can be shaded using a matching unit.

Various colours and textures make the glare protection into an design element. A wide spectrum of materials are available for the fabric.

As a result of the 'shaft in shaft' coaxial construction the fabric tension remains constant as it is rolled out. A taut, straight anti-glare blind is the result.