Sunshade in perfection

The zip_2.0 window awning

Feeling good within your own four walls – that is the premise of discerning home-living culture. Featuring modern design, leading-edge technology and great ease of use, the novel zip_2.0 window awning contributes significantly to this.

Simple and exclusive design

Its cubic shape gives the zip_2.0 a simple, yet exclusive character. It thus merges discreetly into any facade layout. This window awning is a design-oriented, high-quality alternative to external Venetian blinds and its textile material guarantees an exceptionally homely look.

Optimum fabric appearance thanks to outstanding technology

The patented MHZ glider system facilitates even winding and guarantees an optimum, aesthetic fabric appearance. The arrangement of the gliders follows the Fibonacci sequence, a principle that is widespread in nature and which, for example, flowers make use of. Thus the fabric fits in space-saving manner into the slim cassette and the gliders gently slide one after the other into the guide rails. With the zip_2.0, rolled up awning fabrics full of ruffles are a thing of the past – the perfect conditions for long fabric life!

Fabric range and types

Different weave structures, diverse colours and the choice of your desired level of transparency provide extensive possibilities when it comes to configuring your personal zip_2.0 window awning. Colour-fast and non-stretching, the easy-care technical woven fabrics also impress with outstanding thermal properties: they filter more than 85 percent of solar energy and positively influence your building’s energy efficiency.


The standard frame colours

white RAL 9016

silver RAL 9006

Anthracite DB703

Other RAL shades as per classic RAL chart (silk lustre) available on request. Special colours, such as matt, finely textured, pearl effect, signal or NCS colours on request. Plastic components generally black.

The integrated motor makes using the sun protection system easy, as it automatically recognises any resistance. Safe and reliable operation of your window awning is thus guaranteed.

Any imprecisions can be offset during installation by up to 3 millimetres on each side thanks to the two-part, adjustable guide rails. The Hirschmann plug makes connecting the power supply easy and provides for quick setting of the end position. For servicing, the fabric tube can also be easily taken out via the service hatch.

If a building needs full heat protection, specific models can easily be adjusted to the structural conditions and fitted with extra insulation on the rear if necessary.


Product benefits at a glance:

  • Suitable for a range of structural conditions
  • Can be optionally supplemented with features for variation in mounting

The cassette sizes

The zip_2.0 is available in 11 and 15 centimetre cassette sizes and with type S or M drop bars. When retracted the type S drop bar is completely inside the cassette, which produces a flush look. The textile awning can be up to 4.8 metres wide and up to as much as 6 metres high. With the large cassette it is also possible to provide shade to areas of 20 square metres.

High-quality materials, meanwhile, give the awning exceptional stability: depending on the size of the drop bar an awning with a type M bar will withstand hurricane-like gales of up to wind resistance class 6 (10 on the Beaufort scale).