Window awning zip_2.0 fabric collection

Varying levels of transparency, easy heat insulation and high tensile strength – the MHZ fabric collections for the zip_2.0 impress through many special features. Smooth, easy-care surfaces and the large selection of modern colours ensure great ease of use and harmonious integration into the façade.

Transparency and natural light (Soltis Horizon 86)

Champagne, Pepper, Caramel, Midnight Blue - the colours of the Soltis Horizon 86 add a special touch to the zip_2.0. Thanks to their degree of opening, the fabrics also score with an incomparable level of transparency - ensuring an excellent view to the outside and the optimum amount of daylight coming in.

Aesthetic and recyclable (Soltis Harmony 88)

17 modern shades together with harmonious transparency create a high-quality design, while the simultaneous filtering of light and heat provide a pleasant level of comfort. Another plus: the Soltis Harmony 88 can be 100% recycled, thus caring for the environment.

Maximum thermal and visual performance (Soltis Perform 92)

Thanks to their thermal capability the Soltis Perform 92 fabrics are veritable heat shields. They regulate the thermal impact of the sun and thus reduce the amount of power needed for air conditioning. The broad choice of modern shades and the peerless level of transparency without any glare effect make them an outstanding partner for the zip_2.0.

Opaque (Soltis B92)

The Soltis B92 fabrics are opaque up to 100,000 Lux. They are therefore ideal, for example, for laboratories or quiet zones. Their high-capability membrane also provides protection from infra-red and UV rays. In addition, the fabrics are 100 percent recyclable.

Aesthetics and homeliness (Tempotest Starscreen)

The textile feel of Tempotest Starscreen make the PVC-free, highly fire resistant fabric a homely privacy and sun protection product, while its colour stability gives buildings and interior designs timeless beauty and elegance. Thanks to their Teflon® treatment, the fabrics are also oil, water and dirt repellent and thus ideal for the zip_2.0.

Two-tone fabric (Arik, Satiné 5500)

The Satiné fabrics have excellent heat insulation and for optimum incident daylight filter a large part of the radiant light. Combined with their resistance to weathering and UV rays and long-lasting colour intensity, they are an excellent fabric for the zip_2.0.