Window awning with Fibonacci effect

The new zip_2.0 window awning developed by MHZ features a patented glider system. It sees the lateral gliders welded to the fabric at increasingly large distances from each other.

What makes it special is that the arrangement of the sliders is based on the principle of the Fibonacci sequence. As the awning fabric gets rolled up, the gliders lie over one another in such a way that it fits without any crinkling inside the slim, space-saving cassette.

Achieve a projection of up to three metres and optimum fabric tension with a cassette size of just 110 millimetres.

zip_2.0 product benefits

  • Patented glider system with welded-on gliders based on the Fibonacci principle
  • Fabric runs and winds perfectly with no creases forming
  • Permanent fabric tension
  • Very stable in the wind
  • Projection of up to 3 metres with a cassette size of just 110 mm
  • Adjustable guide rails
  • Intelligent drive system
  • Inspection hatch and removable fabric tube for easy inspection
  • Hirschmann coupling placed inside the cassette

The zip_2.0 window awning is operated electrically: thanks to its intelligent drive system, the zip_2.0 automatically recognises any potential obstructions, thus ensuring that the awning always winds in and out safely.

The zip_2.0 window awning's 110 mm cassette can be front-mounted or fitted in a reveal. An inspection cover and the ability to take the roller tube out from underneath enable it and the drive system to be serviced without the cassette being taken down.

Fabric collection

There is a diverse selection of fabrics available for the zip_2.0 window awning. They are non-fading and resistant to weathering and tearing. As a result of impregnation the fabrics are dirt- and water-repellent, permeable to air, dry quickly and are resistant to weathering.

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