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Retain your view to the outside with SQUID®

A privacy screen with a textile look that needs no systems for fitting or hooking in place. That wish is fulfilled by the self-adhesive textile SQUID®. This revolutionary adhesive fabric can be stuck onto any inside window. It is also ideal for windows in special shapes.

SQUID® protects you from prying eyes looking in from outside. The fabric nevertheless lets adequate light into your rooms and maintains your visual contact with the outside world.

SQUID® adhesive fabric product benefits

  • Perfect for all special shapes (can be cut to size)

  • Self-adhesive textile fabric

  • Diverse uses

  • Easy to fit without any drilling or screws and with no installation systems


Simply practical – suitable for any window

There is no limit to how the adhesive fabric can be used – be it in the home or commercial premises. SQUID® is suitable for any window, regardless of shape or size. The textile fabric can be used in damp environments like bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. It has a special adhesive coating, has had an anti-bacterial treatment applied and is certified fire retardant to the B1 and M1 standards.


SQUID® as privacy protection

SQUID® is a transparent fabric, which during daytime hours lets you look out, while making it very difficult to see in. The fabric nevertheless lets adequate daylight into your rooms.*

SQUID® as sun protection

SQUID® holds back a large part of the solar heat and thus is an ideal sun protection solution. As an open, breathable fabric it can be used, in contrast to plastic window film, with HR++(+) glass and high-performance glass.

Quick and easy

SQUID® is affixed directly to the window pane – without any drilling or screws. No mechanical tools are needed, which means that installation creates no noise or dust.

Colours & design

SQUID® adhesive fabric is available in six stylish shades.


Chalk is a neutral, yet modern colour. It looks simple, classy and discreet and goes perfectly with a minimalist interior design style.

Bone harmoniert besonders gut mit hellen Räumen, in denen gebrochenes Weiß und zarte Farben den Ton angeben. Eine hervorragende Wahl für ein elegant-raffiniertes Ambiente.

Oak is pure nature. This shade is particularly captivating in combination with natural materials such as wood, highlighting their rustic atmosphere and warmth.

Ash is a pale grey colour with an industrial look. In rooms with metal and concrete elements it creates a perfect, purist urban ambience.

Bone harmonises especially well with well-lit rooms, in which broken white and delicate colours set the tone. An excellent choice for an elegantly sophisticated ambience.

Coal is the darkest shade in the SQUID® collection. Its woven fabric is suitable for internal rooms*, provides good privacy protection and yet preserves visual contact with the next room.

On SQUID® in the Chalk colour it is also possible to print any of the motifs of the Design Collection and to use a palette of 213 plain RAL colours to create a bespoke look. Through the variety of patterns, a huge choice of colours and flexible combination options the Design Collection provides inspiration and creative freedom for the SQUID® adhesive fabric.


* The COAL colour is suitable only for glazing that is completely inside, e.g. partition wall glazing, and not for outside windows.

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