Textiles by MHZ

One collection – a wealth of design possibilities

Our “Textiles by MHZ” collection offers you a broad selection of high-quality, flame-retardant fabrics in floor-to-ceiling weave widths. We have placed particular emphasis on fabrics with functional properties such as sound-absorbing, dimout, blackout, bioactive, recycled and lining fabrics as well as fabrics produced exclusively for MHZ.

For you this means a wealth of new design possibilities with functional added value – for Roman blinds, curtains and panel blinds. Your desired blinds are made to measure and individually tailored for you. Rely on our know-how and over 90 years of experience in custom-made privacy, sun protection and insect screen systems. Discover the breathtaking world of “Textiles by MHZ” and prepare to be inspired.


Your product benefits

  • Fabrics with different functional properties such as sound-absorbing, dimout, blackout, bioactive and recycled fabrics
  • Processing of floor-to-ceiling fabrics
  • Flame-retardant, washable fabrics that are easy to care for
  • Different transparency levels
  • Wide range of colours
  • Fabrics produced exclusively for MHZ
  • Collection lifespan of several years

The fabrics


Practically all the fabrics are flame-retardant, easy to clean and available in floor-to-ceiling weave widths – including numerous fabrics with special functional properties as well as some fabrics produced exclusively for MHZ. A wide range of colours and transparency levels are available to suit every need and interior design style.

The make-ups

Rear strengthening rods discreetly stabilise the width by means of tunnels sewn on the back with inserted strengthening rods. The result is an even drape.

Front strengthening rods form a striking straight drape and make a decorative statement. They are ideal for wide windows and leave sufficient room height.

Loop tapes are fastened to the hardware using Velcro tape. The lower edge of the Roman blind has a hem with a weighting rod so that the blind hangs perfectly.

AREO with strengthening rods or pocket tape can be moved freely from top and bottom and can be individually adjusted as required.

Ruffle tapes and pleating tapes can be fitted with a variety of gliders and hooks. Available with universal ruffle tape or 3/5/4 extra-secure pleating tape.

Wave allows for even pleating. A special curtain tape with hooks and predefined glider spacing determines the desired wave depth.

Single hand pleats are hand-formed fixed pleats. The glider is mechanically fixed to the upper edge of the pleat.

Pinch pleats create a decorative effect with single or multiple pleats. The height of Microflex hooks sewn into the back is individually adjustable.

Fabric panels are made to the desired size and fastened to the panel carrier with Velcro tape or flag piping.

One collection – a wealth of design possibilities

The "Textiles by MHZ" collection, specially developed for the Roman blind, curtain and panel blind product groups, never fails to impress with its durable, timeless and high-quality character.


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