MHZ Venetian blinds

Classic beauty in modern design

Venetian blinds come originally from France. As window grilles they make it possible to see out, while simultaneously preventing people from seeing in. Today they are regarded as the classic internally fitted blind. They let you see out, without anyone outside being able to see in.

Venetian blinds consist of horizontal, adjustable slats. Their angle can be finely graduated in order to flexibly regulate the incoming light.


Flexible and diverse use

MHZ Venetian blinds are made of aluminium and are thus robust and resilient. They are suitable for use in any room and for windows of different shapes and sizes. They can be used flexibly in humid areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Glare-free working at computer screens is also made possible by Venetian blinds.

Inside the room the slatted blinds create a sober, light atmosphere. Their delicately ornate style fits in superbly with straight-line architecture and minimalist interior design. A range of different colours and surface textures open up great scope for personal creativity.

TwinLine: This Venetian blind can be freely moved up and down. Its cluster of slats can be positioned in any position on the window. Using their adjustable angle of tilt, you can control incoming light to suit the individual situation. The blind is fitted in the glazing bead, with turn and tilt windows remaining unimpaired in their function.

Venetian blind product benefits


  • Made to measure to your specification
  • Models in special shapes
  • Installation in the glazing bead, without drilling or screws
  • Flexible direction of light
  • Infinite blind positions
  • Glare-free working at computer screens
  • Colour combinations within one blind
  • Suitable for narrow windows and skylight runs
  • Hardware in RAL colours possible

Venetian blinds can be used in all living areas - on rectangular windows, doors and skylights. The slatted blinds are also suitable for gable windows, other special shapes such as narrow windows and skylight runs. Other areas of use are conservatories, partitions and offices.

The Venetian blinds differ by model and method of installation. Dependent upon those features, they can be operated by handle, rod, cord or chain. Alternatively they can be controlled by a mains- or battery-powered motor.

Pull chain

Lifting, lowering and tilting via operating chain (transparent). Blind is secured in position automatically. Operating side optionally left or right.

Pull cord

Blind is lifted and lowered using a pull cord and secured in position by the cord brake. Slat tilting with wand (acrylic). Operating side optionally left or right.

Crank handle

Lifting, lowering and tilting via crank handle. Blind is secured in position automatically. Operating side optionally left or right.

Mains- or battery-powered drive

Lifting, lowering and tilting via 24-volt electric drive. Various control options by switch, radio remote control, solar sensor or timer.


Lifting, lowering and tilting by means of 18 V electric drive or 18 V radio-controlled drive. Various control options including remote control, wall bracket or app.

Dependent on the choice of model, the blind can be fitted to the wall, ceiling, window sash or in the glazing bead. The MHZ adhesive set enables installation without any drilling or screws.

Wall or ceiling mounting

Glazing bead installation

Window sash installation

Installation using adhesive set

Select the slats for your MHZ Venetian blind from over 114 colours. Contemporary interior trends and various different surfaces give you great scope for flexible creativity.

From highly textured, velvety, matt and gloss slats, pick what works best for you. Perforated slats make it possible to see out despite the blind being closed.

Perfect play of light, perfect privacy screening

Ideal for high windows

TwinLine New

Two concave-shaped turning handles enable the blind to be moved and the slats tilted from either the top or bottom section of the Venetian blind – perfect for high windows and controlling your preferred level of incoming light. With high-quality materials in metallic design and cords that run bundled together, the TwinLine New Venetian blind also adds to any room's aesthetics.

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A tactile experience in trendy metallics

Venetian Blind Collection

The latest trend for metallic surfaces can be seen everywhere: cars with gleaming white gloss or matt silver paintwork, mobile phones with gold covers, and iridescent watches have been part of our daily lives for many years.

The Venetian blind collection now brings this fashion indoors.

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Smart Home


The innovative PowerView® smart home system controls your sun protection system at the click of a button - by remote control, from an App, when you are at home or away. This system works across product categories and allows you to control your intelligent sun protection system throughout the house.

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Ideal for rented apartments

Mounting without drilling and screwing

In a rented apartment drilling or screwing into the window frames is often not allowed. Is it nevertheless possible to have a freely movable Venetian blind?

The MHZ adhesive set, MHZ window clips and MHZ clamp brackets enable Venetian blinds to be fitted without drilling or screws.

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